Here in the Belfast Centre, local meets global working in collaboration with 13,000 colleagues around the world, we combine the friendliness of "on your doorstep" with a truly global outlook. You’ll feel challenged and motivated every day. You’ll get access to the right support whenever you need it. You’ll build relationships and feel rewarded for all that you do. How we work together is just as important as the work we actually do together.

Bravery. Brilliance. Kindness.

Our values here in Belfast were defined by our own employees and are summed up in three words: Bravery, Brilliance and Kindness. These might not be the words you expect to see in corporate life, but we do things differently . . .

  • Bravery is about taking ownership, being courageous, innovating, admitting when mistakes happen, about moving forward with a positive attitude.

  • Brilliance is what sets us apart and makes us distinctive. We strive to shine in everything we do. We act with integrity.

  • Kindness is about creating a supportive, inclusive and respectful environment where people can be candid with each other.

These are words we live and breathe in Baker McKenzie Belfast and which inform and transform the way we act, think and behave. Our rich and diverse culture, the value we place on diversity and inclusion, collaboration and candour all underpin our success. 

Diversity is inviting you to the disco; inclusion is asking you up to dance!

It's not only about creating the right environment but also taking the right actions. Do you want to work somewhere in which your cultural background, your experience and your views are taken seriously and respected? You can find it here. We aren’t bound by geographic borders, race, age, educational background, gender or capability. Whoever you are, we’ll value you and support you to bring your whole self to work.

We Are Not Neutral
At Baker McKenzie we are open and proud to support all individuals of diverse sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, and have implemented measures to ensure they can succeed and fulfil their ambitions. Having a large LGBT+ community and Allies Network, we are proud to be ranked as one of Stonewall's Top Ten Employers. Locally, Baker McKenzie is a sponsor of Cara-Friend, which delivers LGBT+ teacher training in Northern Ireland. And, of course, look out for us at Belfast Pride!

Pride parade

Gender Equality
Equality helps us create a positive work environment that promotes the success of all our people. As a Firm we have committed to the UN Women's HeforShe movement. In June 2019, we were the first global law firm to adopt ambitious 40:40:20 gender diversity targets, which we have already exceeded in Belfast. Locally, we maintain our Gender Diversity Charter Mark and have many gender equality initiatives, including our partnership with BITC on the Gender Project, our LeanIn Circle, and our Back to Business project.

Silver Diversity Mark

"We are thrilled that Baker McKenzie have been awarded the Silver Diversity Mark in recognition of their progress and ongoing commitment to diversity and inclusion and we congratulate all the team on this very significant achievement. The independent assessment panel praised Baker McKenzie’s substantial efforts in shaping a truly inclusive workplace as well as showing leadership as a role model to other organizations. We look forward to them continuing their progressive and innovative initiatives moving forward on their Diversity and Inclusion journey."

Nuala Murphy - Interim Head of Diversity Mark

 "As a global firm, diversity is part of our DNA - and we take considerable pride in what we do to advance equality around the world. We believe that no one should be put at a disadvantage, professionally, financially or socially, on the basis of who they are. Here in Belfast, our Inclusion and Diversity Networks have been doing a lot of work both within the office and in the community to champion equality. We are incredibly proud to have been awarded the Silver Diversity Mark and I'm thrilled that this work is being recognized."

James Richards - Executive Director, Belfast

Silver Diversity Mark


Purpose Beyond Profit
Simply being a good place to work is no longer enough. By better understanding the sustainability challenges that are facing our clients and shaping their industries, we can become more effective business advisors and problem solvers, helping them to navigate a wide range of issues. We were one of the first law firms to sign a commitment to the UN Global Compact, aligning our global strategy with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. We have a dedicated pro bono program and we were catalysts for the launch of the Street Children Legal Atlas tool.

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