Emmanuel Robinson

Emmanuel Robinson, Senior Collector

I work three days per week from home but regardless of where I’m working, my day begins at either 6 or 6.30am when I get up and get out to walk our two puppies.

The earlier start means I get to enjoy my walk and having breakfast with my wife and four sons. Three of my boys are on the autism spectrum, so routine is everything in our house!

After breakfast and the rest of the morning, I start my working in my home office, looking out over our garden.

My job involves working with partners across the world, helping to resolve issues around payments to the firm’s offices globally. I heard about the role through a friend who I still work with, but I honestly didn’t know what to expect of a job in a law firm.

I’ve found Baker McKenzie to be a very progressive company that is keen to support its employees. I have been in companies previously who say they have an “open door” policy for staff to get guidance or support from senior colleagues but when you try to speak to a senior member of the team, they pass you on to someone else. I’ve never had an issue like this at Baker McKenzie.

As well as being progressive in terms of their inclusion and diversity programmes, I’ve found them to be also forward thinking in their operations. Baker McKenzie invests in technology and training that helps me do my job better. Working as part of the finance function requires an incredible level of attention to detail and the ability to work on multiple tasks simultaneously - but I feel like I’ve been given the right knowledge, tools and support to do this.

I’m delighted to have found a place that offers so many opportunities but still respects me and my time. It’s not a place that pushes its people to stay long hours or burn the candle at both ends to get ahead – if you’re good at your job and a good person to work with, you’ll do well here!